Lord of the purple assed monkeys (harold3) wrote in 2005hurricanes,
Lord of the purple assed monkeys

New community, 2005 Hurricanes going into "Archive"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

  I'd like to take a moment to thank each and every on of you for your participation in the 2005 Hurricanes community. I'm sure we all benefited from your contributions to the very active 2005 hurricane season discussion, I know I certainly have!

  As the community mod/admin I'm officially announcing the "Archive" status of this community, I.E. I would ask that no new topics be created, (although if you want to contribute to old discussions go ahead). As we transition into a new 2006 Hurricane season it's best if we move on to the new community created for that season at 2006hurricanes created by aloudallowed for that purpose.

Again, Thank you all for participating!
-Your friendly neighborhood admin.
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